Be a Part of a Visionary Real Estate Business, with Resort & Luxury Homes, R.E Co.


Read on & if you are interested, please send an email, detailing compelling reasons why you would be a good fit for this new business model for real estate marketing!

This is actually a statewide proposition. The fact that I am marketing this in the “marketing/advertising/PR section of Craigslist, should tell you something. I have a background in communication arts/graphic design/PR & have found that my skills in this area have been essential to me as a real estate broker, in fact it is what sets me apart from the rest. 

I am looking for current real estate licensees & persons willing to become licensed as agents to join my developing office, specifically for the marketing of resort & luxury homes, internationally. You will be positioned to sell homes in the resort & luxury real estate market, in addition to being given freelance photography, videography, graphic design assignments for the marketing of homes of other real estate brokerages, agents & home owners-all over the globe. 

I have taken the “notion”, that real estate is NOT about SALES, at all, but about marketing, exposure, grass roots networking, Gorilla marketing, viral campaigns. There is NO SALE until a property has been exposed to THE ACTUAL BUYER. Getting the phone to ring, or the potential buyer to walk through the door, is strictly about marketing effectiveness. 

Once that is accomplished, it is your skill in presenting the product (real estate), that will “sell” the product. Closing a sale, comes with experience, which I firmly believe anyone freelancing, is all too familiar with-if you can’t make someone believe in what you have to offer, you don’t eat (then you really do become a starving artist). To aid in your professional development, I will guide you through negotiations, agreements,procedures & protocols to keep you on track & growing your career. 

After you have become licensed:
Compensation-in form of commission (up to 80% for your side of real estate sales)
Guidance in developing your business as a real estate agent
Virtual Office-work from your home office or on the road
Potential freelance opportunities, in your area of expertise
Opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to development of this new real estate marketing concept
Opportunity to showcase your skills as a designer/publicist/marketing professional

*Also, seeking support positions-transaction managers, attorneys, mortgage, finance, wealth management specialists, etc. developing business.

*This office is not “officially open”-further details subject to confidentiality agreement.

Please, feel free to leave your well thought out comments. Thank you~

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