Busy Cape Cod! End of Summer, Start of Fall!

Hey, so much going on, so much to do!  Buyers buying, Sellers selling….but not reducing prices!  Kids in school & I am planning a trip to Colorado, which is really become a problem for me, because I am so busy right now!  I am looking forward to going home to Colorado, to help with our Arabian Horse ranch.  My folks are getting older & my Dad’s Parkinson’s disease is moving to later stages.  He has lost too much muscle to hold up to the strength of the horses, little shenanigans!  So, duty calls and I will be spending my time doing internal exploration & making decisions about my websites, especially this one, http://www.ResortAndLuxuryHomes.com.  I have a vision of this site becoming an international clearing house for resort & luxury homes internationally, in tandem with my E-Zine http://www.ResortAndLuxuryLiving.com.

Any ideas?  Any investors?

Please, feel free to leave your well thought out comments. Thank you~

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