Popponesset Island, “Forbes Most Affluent”

Popponesset Island, “Forbes Most Affluent”

This is an article worth sharing!  Of course we live here and never really think about our homes, “by the number”, except when you read an article like this one, or are marketing a home on “The Island”!  This past weekend, I held an open house, at my listing on 9 Chart Way, on Popponesset Island, and much to my surprise, Bob Kraft was having a Summer party for his team, The New England Patriots.

The cutest (coolest) thing was the kids from the neighborhood, lined up both sides of the road, leading up to The Island bridge, waiting for their favorite players to cross, so they could get their footballs, jerseys & photos autographed.  It’s interesting that on such an exclusive Island, our office has 2 homes for sale, with deep water docks & under two million dollars, each!  Read the excerpt below & read the complete article on Forbes.com & by all means share!

From the article, “this Cape Cod island, surrounded by the waters of Popponesset Bay, is estimated to have household median income of $243,000. Billionaire Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, has owned a residence on Popponesset Island, but he recently reportedly sold a big stake in the property to his son and daughter-in-law. ”

Read more, when you follow the link to Forbes.com

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