That Moment that Changes Your Life

I really enjoyed this tale of “What if”. All of us who live on Cape Cod, have at least one, “What if” story. Mine, is “What if I hadn’t won the $1,000 on the radio show & discounted airfare? Then, we wouldn’t have flown to the Cape & fallen in love with it!”. Then, it was, “What if we didn’t buy our house, on Picture Lake in Pocasset?” “What if” we would have stayed in Colorado? Would my kids have enjoyed such a pure life & the friendship of other kids, just like them?”
Again, good read…glad to share on R&

Lehrer Werkstatt

My husband and I have coffee every morning together. This morning was no different. But as we talked of the big move taking place next week, we waxed philosophical about how we got to this moment, how we met, and where would be if we hadn’t met.

“Can you remember the moment this new adventure was set in motion?” Jim asked. I had to think. Was it when MG announced to me that she was leaving my school for a school in Frankfurt? Was it when my best friends announced they had many job offers and might be leaving for HK? I remember a snowy night around this time when I clicked on my new school’s website and found my job listed. I can still recall the conversation I had with Jim about it. “Should I apply? What about our daughter? We are so happy here in Stuttgart, why would…

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