Escape to the Cape part 4: Martha’s Vineyard

Diary of a Masked Street Portrait Photographer.

After the morning run, we made our way back to the house and woke the rest of the crew to get ready for Martha’s Vineyard. I had only heard of the place through media (the Obamas vacationed there last year), and a few people who had mentioned it in passing. It was hard to imagine what the little island looked like. Apparently the only way to access it was through air or taking a ferry across. I longed for the moment we would hop on and get to Martha’s and eat some good seafood.

After taking eons to get to the ferry station, thanks to traffic, we finally got there around 1pm. Round trip tickets are $16 for adults. Upon getting our tickets, we got in line to board. It was the moment we had all been waiting for.








boats on boats on boats

The view of the different hues of blue was…

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3 thoughts on “Escape to the Cape part 4: Martha’s Vineyard

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