Special Announcement!

logoEffective this week, I am now a part of “Popponesset Real Estate. Teaming up with Popponesset Real Estate, will empower www.ResortAndLuxuryHomes.com particularly on Cape Cod, but also from Boston to Marion.

I am adding a section on www.ResortandLuxuryHomes.com for properties listed by Popponesset Real Estate & New Seabury.

New Seabury is famous for ocean side golfing, weddings & special events, as well as it’s country club and focus on resort living.   Popponesset is a special waterfront community, meshed with New Seabury, featuring beach rights to the  one of the nicest beaches in our area, along with the “Marketplace & Beach Club”.  This is where you get the BEST lobster rolls, ANYWHERE!

I am excited to be a part of this historical piece of Cape Cod & I look forward to sharing this little piece of Heaven with you, too!

Please, feel free to leave your well thought out comments. Thank you~

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