Skateboarding Vs Architecture

As some may know, or many may not; my sons & I owned a skateshop in Falmouth, Ma, USA on Main Street (yes, REALLY, Main Street!), on Cape Cod.

I think one of the biggest challenges we had was impressing upon folks that skateboarding is a way of integrating with the environment, in fact it is the ultimate adaptation to environment, as well as it’s own social order. I ultimately arrived mostly to the thought, “If I have to tell you, then you just won’t get it, anyway.   Not, that I ever give up, especially knowing so many skateboarders.


As a resort & luxury real estate broker on Cape Cod, I see our “young blood”, leaving the Cape in droves. The environment is quasi-hostile to almost anything outside the norm in Camelot. I want the World to know, Cape Cod IS exciting & is full of some extraordinary skate spots. So, come here & enjoy!


Contact me, personally & I will gladly share them with you!

Also, I REALLY recommend watching: Freedom of Space, from Fuel TV-excellent documentary on the topic.


Please, feel free to leave your well thought out comments. Thank you~

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