I Learned So Much Today, Not only in Business, but in Life Management

What a productive day!
Busy, busy! I had commercial real estate coursework, commercial real estate networking- I even won $100 gift debit card-must be the good energy from how I began my day.  I’d like to share, please read on!

I rarely, if ever talk about my personal life or things I do in my personal world (except to subscribers to my private, password protected blog :), but I had the pleasure of watching one of my episodes on #SuperSoulSunday on #Oprah, on #mindful living.  I was so touched, I had to share my feelings on it.  I hope you enjoy & are positively impacted.

Started @ 5 a.m. with #SuperSoulSunday episode on #Mindful living with Buddhist Monk #ThichNhatHahn Nobel Peace prize nominee/winner. I am watching it again now & I would watch it everyday, start & finish when I can. But, I can & will implement mindful thinking in my everyday life & business communications.

With every step, you take, think only in the moment, in the now, experience the joy of being in the moment & the other is “Compassionate listening”. When you listen fully, openly do so with compassion. Even when they have wrong perceptions, just listen, allow them to empty their hearts, so they will suffer less. Then at another time, share your advice or comments, for deeper understanding & feeling.

Avoid the feelings of anger, it causes more suffering than less. Start your discussion, with, “I am eager to understand, why you suffer/hurt, etc., I am here to help, I care.”  Imagine how you can adapt this phrase & use it in all your communications & problem solving, not only in personal communications, but in business & day to day communications.

Sorry to go on, but I am deeply touched by the wisdom which found it’s way into my mind & heart. Compassion is a better energy & is very strong. You might check out his book, “Living Buddha, Living Christ”. Such wise, wise words.

Peace & Success to You ALL!


Please, feel free to leave your well thought out comments. Thank you~

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