Bermuda Finally

Ahhh…..Bermuda…Oh, if only I could call this home!

grumpyoldgitgapyear's Blog

5th may slept till around nine, into town for tea and cake for breakfast, pancake place shut! So David John Hanley and I went off the the supermarket for tea and coffee. We put the worlds to right, whilst sitting on the Internet. So back to the boat and get my apple to charge when I got to the pub, later on that night. Waited for the other two to get ready, Jesus they take a long time to get sorted….. Finally the three of us went into town in the dinghy whilst John played taxi driver. We all started to walk to the bus stop and they went on the missing list, did not see them on the bus.
12.30 got to Hamilton bus terminal, the bus was just about to get go to the dockyard, I think I arrived around forty minutes later. This is the historic Royal…

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