Would You Want This Sign in Front if Your House?


This sign has been down for days.  #ShameOnYou #CurbAppeal Would you list your house with this agent, after seeing this sign?  Someone is ALWAYS looking….and your listing could end up on Instagram….for the WRONG reasons. 

Additionally & even more troubling, when you are representing the seller, why are you shutting off the pipeline of potential buyers, by telling everyone that drives by, ” This house is SOLD, well not really…it’s just kind if sold.  Hopefully, if nothing goes wrong it will close, if not….well…I will take the under agreement sign down.”.

Ridiculous isn’t it?  Especially if YOU are the Seller!  But, what if you are a potential buyer for this home?  Doesn’t that sign just shout, “Move on!   This house can’t be yours, anyway.”. What if the sale fell apart?  The agent should continue to show & maintain interest & competition for the property. 

These are the things that count, the nuances is marketing such a valuable asset as real estate. You don’t just, “set it & forget it”.  A true Ambassador for the Seller will manage these details in the background, always mindful of their clients needs.

Marketing is about the details, http://www.ResortAndLuxuryHomes.com

To discuss the marketing of your home or business, contact Terie Merkle-Michon, Owner & Broker for Resort & Luxury R.E.Co., 508-292-3922 call or text (this is my personal cell phone number, so don’t be surprised if I answer with a,”Hi! This is Terie!”


2 thoughts on “Would You Want This Sign in Front if Your House?

  1. Wow, I hope you struck a nerve for the lazy realtor. This attention to detail is a must. I absolutely l love this blog. And that’s from my mortgage banking side.

    • Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the subject. Around this.time of.year on the Cape, agents hoard listngs like they were Facebook stocks & the sloppy.signs.are everywhere! How their sellers accept it, I have not a clue! I would rather have one or two properly cared for listings, then 10 I have to apologize.for! Thanks again! I hope your market is on the top side!
      Success to You!

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