Just How Rich are You?

Is it improper to even ask? Interesting perspective on the question that always remains unasked, for dread of breaking etiquette!

The Bespoken Mogul

In a society where everything is visual, everyone associates the way
you look with what you have in your bank account. The real place they
should look is at the trail of folks that you have already served. We
all make fun of that one job at McDonalds, but, what we fail to
realize is Mcdonalds carries a very impressive slogan, ” Billions

I have learned that life is a service industry and those who master
the art of serving tend to have the best life, the best life choices,
the best lifestyle and a healthy working relationship with the WORLD!
The World! Yes the Whole Entire World. I know this is a bold
statement, but, the world consists of whomever you come in contact
with. They either have been or will be affected by your existence if
you are a master at Serving.

So back to my original…

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