Was the Record $2.1 Million T206 Honus Wagner Sale Actually Enough?

You can’t vacation in it, drive it, fly it, surf it, skate it or sleep in it. Honestly, I’d prefer to take that money & make history with it, rather than just be history….just sayin…

24/7 Wall St.

T206 Wagnet PSA 5 MCFriday night brought the close to an auction of one of the greatest samples of sports collectibles, which has become an alternative form of investing now. A T206 Honus Wagner for the 1909 American Tobacco set sold for a whopping $2.1 million. This was a new record high price for this card. So, as a sports collector myself, why am I feeling just a bit disappointed that the card did not sell for more.

This card has more of a history than most of the 60 or so known T206 Wagner samples. When I wrote “Tick Tock” last Friday for the countdown on this auction I said about predicting the sale price, “My own price was somewhere around $2.1 to $2.4 million as a projection.” Another collector who I know personally said that with the economy being better now that it could go for maybe as much as $3 million…

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