A colorful pictorial on a (typical-for those of us who live here!) Cape Cod Day! may ALL your days, be Cape Cod Days!

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essay 5

I am a thoroughbred beach bum. I was born and raised taught to soak in the sun and salty ocean air whenever possible. So, naturally, one would expect the decision to live down the Cape for an entire summer to be a fairly simple one. Exceptionally simple if it had been a life-long dream of yours to live down the Cape and fall in love with a Cape Cod League Baseball player, just like Jessica Biel did with Freddie Prize, Jr. in Summer Catch. My childhood dreams, or my new, modernized versions of them, were about to come true and I was ecstatic about it.

My car was packed, unpacked, and repacked in a matter of a week when I came home from after just finishing my junior year. In the span of a week, I came home, turned 21, and I was off to my summer job on…

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