Giving Local

Although I could do without the ear shot, I really enjoyed this “read” & hope you do as well. Take a glimpse at local craftsmanship (and apply it wherever your ship shall sail!)

From the Seasonally Occupied Territories . . .

“Living local” is all the rage, on Martha’s Vineyard as elsewhere, and like most rages I can get pretty cynical about it. I’ve been known to call it “living lo-cal,” or Living Lite, or living without thinking too hard about how once upon a time “living local” wasn’t a sign of high-minded civic virtue; it was just what people did.

On the other hand, I think it’s sort of cool that Tom Barrett made the brown sheepskin slippers on my feet, Cecilia Minnehan the earrings in my ears, and Lisa Strachan the white porcelain butter dish that I can see from where I sit and the matching milk pitcher that I can’t see because it’s in the fridge.

My father gave me my green marble rolling pin. A long-ago housemate gave me the big bowl I still rise bread in. Several of my mixing bowls came from my grandmother’s house…

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