Giving Local 2

Quite interesting!

From the Seasonally Occupied Territories . . .

Here’s the promised musical follow-up to “Giving Local,” un/fashionably late, as usual. I’m not a musician, but the grassroots music scene has been a vital part of my life since I landed on the rock.  It’s been a vital part of island life for a lot longer than that. Some homegrown musicians have played on distant stages, like the late bluesman Maynard Silva (1951–2008) and the very much alive Willy Mason (b. 1984). Willy now plays internationally, but he’s having the release party for his newest CD at the Pit Stop tomorrow night. He’s the son of two island-based musicians, Jemima James and Mike Mason.

ape woman2012 isn’t over yet, but my nominee for stand-out performance of the year is the world premiere of The Ape Woman at the Pit Stop at the end of August. May Oskan’s “rock opera” is stellar — moving, infuriating, eloquently sung and played by an…

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