A Simple Christmas Story

Love Martha's Vineyard Living

001Twenty six years ago I spent my first Christmas on Martha’s Vineyard with my five children. It was a very difficult time for all of us, since I had just left a long-term marriage, totally disrupting all of our lives. I knew it was the best thing to do, but because of everyone’s sadness, at times I would have second thoughts that I did the right thing. Now thinking back, even though I had years of struggling, in every way it was the right thing to do for me and my family.

I had to start all over and that included buying Christmas decorations for the tree. My finances were pretty bleak, but kids are always up for making paper chains out of colored paper and glue, and popcorn and cranberry garlands, both of which helped to make the tree look festive. I had enough money to buy some lights and balls for the tree, but what I really wanted was a manger – which was definitely not in my budget. But…

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